The Hispanic demographic has been challenged with the same problems and issues of previous generations of new Americans. Similar experiences and frustrations in finding real answers to common questions, The SOLUCIONES Project seeks to answer some of these elusive questions through our multimedia platform.

The project began publishing SOLUCIONES Magazine online in 2006 for this purpose. Our vision to bring expert opinions with substantial “news you can use” is fulfilling a need not met in the local news market. The magazine’s larger goal is creating a publication that both inspires and empowers the Hispanic community.

The next logical step for Soluciones is to seize the opportunity to become a more interactive medium, presenting the same topical material, advised by experts in key topics, yet in the dynamic of television and web-streaming, will reach even more of the Hispanic community in a more compelling and stimulating manner.

This new platform will be consulted by their audience to help make the lives of viewers easier and more productive by not only utilizing the information, but also providing an interactive forum linked to the social media, in which they can report back their respective experiences. Viewers may be able to offer additional advice and solutions they have found, providing an even more dynamic medium to share, use and compare various experiences with particular solutions.

Based on the experience we had with our immigration consultation channel in our website for over 10 years, where our visitors ask questions to our lawyers for free and receive solutions, we will apply the same system to other key topics for the community such as health, education, technology, family and finance.

We believe that the substantive and reliable reporting we brought to the magazine can be carried forth to the multimedia platform with a power to reach greater audiences an even more dynamic impact than the online media alone.

Are you a Hispanic professional that can answer questions from our visitor, please contact us an we’ll create a blog for you in our website for free. The beneficts for you are inomes because our readers will contact you if they like your answers and the community will be thankfull for your help. We can extent this interaction to our multimedia platform.

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