About Us

The magazine’s larger goal is creating a publication that both inspires and empowers the Hispanic community

Publisher and Editor Eduardo Carrasco

The Hispanic demographic has been challenged with the same problems and issues of previous generations of new Americans.  With similar experiences and frustrations in finding real answers to common questions, SOLUCIONES seeks to answer some of these elusive questions through our trusted magazine Topical Format.  Publisher,  Eduardo Carrasco,  began publishing SOLUCIONES Magazine on line  in 2006  for this purpose.  His vision to bring expert opinions with substantive “news you can use” is fulfilling a need not met in the local news market.

The magazine’s larger goal is creating a publication that both inspires and empowers the Hispanic community.   The next logical step for the magazine is to seize the opportunity to become a more dynamic medium, presenting the same topical material, yet in the dynamic of television and web-streaming.  Offering SOLUCIONES TV with live interviews, graphics, and sound will reach even more of the market, in a more compelling and stimulating manner.

This new medium will be consulted by their audience to help make the lives of viewers easier and more productive by not only utilizing the information, but also providing an interactive forum in which they can report back their respective experiences.  Viewers may be able to offer additional advice and solutions they have found, providing an even more dynamic medium to share, use and compare various experiences with particular solutions.

Seasoned Hostess Ruth Gamarra will Anchor the show, introducing topics by summarizing the specific segments of the programs, and the reporters who will delve deeper.  Ruth will then interact with the reporter and any guests upon whom the reporter has relied for source material.  Monica may bring additional guests to interview in the studio for a particular segment, as well as the reporter in the field.

We believe that the substantive, reliable reporting Eduardo has brought with him to the magazine can be carried forth to the medium of television and the web with a power to reach greater audiences an even more dynamic impact than print media alone.

For more information please contact us: ecarrasco@solucionesmagazine.com or call: 202 677 5068