SOLUCIONES, originally a print magazine, has evolved into a multi-media platform via a website, social networking, and a weekly 30-minute television program. SOLUCIONES content/features focus on health, education, immigration, business and finance, technology, and civic activism and community development. In this connection, we will offer the expertise/advice of lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs, marketers and managers, technical experts, contractors, physicians, dietitians, and community leaders who examine and advise through television and web-related media.

For the most part, content will be ‘evergreen’ in content, that is, that which can be used or referred to in an ongoing basis. However, there is an element of topical information and advice produced via the web-related media (social networks) and real-time interaction between experts and the public.

In the short term we’ll develop 3 series of 13 weekly television episodes per year. Generally, the television program will consist of 6, 3 1/2 minute segments examining the aforementioned topics and airing weekly.

The show will be broadcast by Telemundo in the DC area and a national edition with specifically develop general content and target the 10-15 biggest Latino markets for the television program and web-based content on our website (extended versions), and the various segments linked to a channel in YouTube and the social networks.

A complete pilot of the show has been produced and the structure of the program is ready for production in series. An introduction to the show is on You Tube and at

You can sponsor each and every one of these media services exclusively. As a sponsor of the programs you have a unique opportunity to inform the audience about your services. You will be presented as part of the SOLUTION. To ensure that we can accomplish this goal for you we’ll teem up with your organization to develop content specially target to your audience.

As part of the sponsor programs we can also produce media specials to inform about the services that IMA offers for the Latino community and how the community can benefit.

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